Echo Mountain is Denver’s closest ski area. We are located 50 minutes from downtown Denver, and just 20 minutes west of Evergreen. On your drive to Echo Mountain, you will enjoy a beautiful Colorado mountain vista around every turn. If you time it right, you can watch the sun set over the divide and see the lights across Idaho Springs, Central City, and the entire front range.

They will leave you stranded and with no indoor services, it will make for a cold and stressful situation. Read below for more details and make sure you're planning your trip here AND your trip home!


Do Not Uber Or Lyft


DO NOT TAKE AN UBER OR LYFT TO ECHO MOUNTAIN. They are NOT reliable for a ride back down the mountain, though they may bring you up here.

If you plan to utilize these or other rideshare services for your trip, you absolutely must have your return trip scheduled BEFORE you arrive to Echo.

We're not far from Denver, but we are IN THE MOUNTAINS after all, and drivers are not just hanging out up here! Do not get Uber Stranded. Plan ahead and schedule your rides to avoid a longer, more stressful and more expensive day than necessary.

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Driving Safety


Winter driving in Colorado can be hazardous. Make sure you’re prepared and in compliance with CDOT’s recommended travel safety suggestions and requirements, including having snow tires, 4WD / AWD, and tire chains or socks.

Jefferson County, Clear Creek County, and CDOT work really hard to maintain the roads to Echo, but Mother Nature moves quickly. We want all our guests to be prepared and drive safely.

Driving Directions To Echo Mountain


OPTION 1 (From Denver / Front Range):

From Denver or the Front Range, take I-70 west towards Evergreen.

Take Exit 252 - CO-74 towards Evergreen Pkwy. heading south.

Take a right on CO-103 (aka Squaw Pass Road) and head west towards Mt. Evans for 12 miles.

On the right, at the end of our driveway is a big white and green sign that says, "Echo Mountain."

Head down the driveway and stay to the right (lower parking lot) for skiing and snowboarding, or left (upper parking lot) for tubing.

OPTION 2 (From Idaho Springs & West on I-70):

From Idaho Springs Exit 240 - CO-103, head south on CO-103 for 20 miles past Echo Lake and Mt. Evans.

On the left, at the end of our driveway is a big white and green sign that says, "Echo Mountain."

Head down the driveway and stay to the right (lower parking lot) for skiing and snowboarding, or left (upper parking lot) for tubing.

NOT RECOMMENDED IN WINTER - Option 3 (Idaho Springs Gravel Road, Not Well-Maintained in Winter):

Many auto GPS systems, and sometimes Google Maps and Apple Maps, may route you from Idaho Springs on Miner St. to Little Bear Creek Rd.

This route is not recommended without 4WD and experience driving windy, gravel roads. During the winter, the County works to maintain this for local residents, however, we don't recommend guests take this route.

Rental Cars


If you're renting a car , make sure you know what you're renting. Not all rental cars are created equally and we always recommend 4WD or AWD vehicles when driving in the mountains in winter.

Following the law will also keep you from getting ticketed or towed!

Renting a 4WD or AWD vehicle may cost a little more, but trust us! It's definitely worth it compared to the cost of a tow truck, repairs from an accident, or getting a ticket for not being prepared.

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All The Cool Kids Carpool


Parking at Echo is limited - especially on weekends and during holiday periods. Make sure your visit starts out on the right boot by using pre-arranged transportation, carpooling, or MAYBE even ridesharing to get here!


Check out Getaround to help get you up the mountain!

Not trying to rent a car for your whole trip? Look no further. Getaround is Denver and Boulder's best option for short-term car rentals, whether you want to come up for an hour or 10. Grab your friends and head on up!

Carpool Options

Like we said, all the cool kids carpool. Carpooling is a GREAT option if you don't feel comfortable driving in the snow, much less in the mountains with or with out the fluffy white stuff! Make friends, not traffic.

SkiCarpool is a long-running Colorado favorite for finding rides specifically for ski and snowboard areas.

Craigslist Rideshare is a great way to meet other visitors new to town or just visiting.

WayToGo is another platform worth checking out for options including carshares, carpools, and more!

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