Planning a trip to Echo? We have you covered with the parking information you'll need to make arrival simple and easy. Admittedly, Echo Mountain is not the easiest place to get to, so we want to make sure that once you arrive, parking is as stress-free as it can be!


Winter Parking:

Driving to Echo is the most efficient way to get to Echo, and we have multiple parking lots on-site that you can utilize when you arrive. Echo Mountain is located on CO-103 between Evergreen and Idaho Springs. CO-103 is a winding mountain road so make sure to take your time and be cautious on the curves, especially in winter conditions.

When you arrive you'll see our white and green "Echo Mountain" sign at the top of the driveway. Don't pull past it if your GPS tells you to keep driving further up 103! As you pull into the driveway, you will eventually come to a fork. Going to the right will lead to the lower parking lot where you will check in for skiing or snowboarding. The left side will take you to the upper lot which located right next to our tubing hill and tubing check-in office!

We highly recommend carpooling when possible. Parking is limited and can fill up quickly for big events. Luckily there are plenty of Park and Rides on the way to Echo where you can leave your car for free and carpool the rest of the way. Check out some of the below options:

Off-Site Parking:

In the summer CO-103 is lined with cars parking along the road while people are out enjoying the amazing outdoor activities in the area. Parking along CO-103 in a number of place is allowed, but there are things you must keep in mind when doing so.

Check out some of the tips below:

  • Always park OUTSIDE the white lines: If you don't your car could be towed, or worse, hit by another vehicle. The majority of available spots will be parallel along the side of the road so just ensure that your car is completely out of the traffic lane.
  • CO-103 is a busy road with a lot of traffic flowing both directions. Make sure you are paying attention when exiting your vehicle and whenever you are crossing the road.
  • Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear for whatever activity you're here for! If you are parking on CO-103 odds are you will be walking along the road or on a hiking trail so make sure your shoes are up to the task!
  • There are plenty of wider pull-offs along CO-103 that are specifically designed as parking spots for folks who are recreating in the area. Park nose-in or tail-in at pull-offs wide enough off the highway for the length of your whole vehicle to remain outside the traffic lane, and make sure you're leaving room for the next car!
  • If you park nearby and are headed here, keep in mind that we're roughly 2 miles above sea level and you could end up traveling some distance. Take your time, and enjoy the views!
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