(Fill out the form and then make your online reservation)

You don't even have to stay the night!
(Open until 9:00 pm)

If your significant other has a pass they can join in the fun!
(Limit 1 ticket and reservation per Person)

Most enjoyable for those with experience
(Intermediate Terrain)

We won’t call the next day asking “How was it?”
(But we might email you)

Choosing where you ski and snowboard in Colorado can feel like a really big commitment. We get it. It's even harder when you're staring down a $1,000 season pass when the only time you make it to the mountains is on the weekends with the other 60,000 vehicles headed west. Add in coordinating with ski buddies, traffic, lift lines, $30 heatlamp hamburgers (cheese is an extra $5)…making the most of your Season Pass can feel like managing a serious relationship.

That's where we slide in. We’re offering a more commitment-free option to get you on the mountain one night this Spring, and who knows, maybe we can be your side pass next year. The best part? It’s completely free!

Think of us as your “Friend with (Season Pass) Benefits.” If you have any valid Colorado Ski Area Season Pass, including an Epic or Ikon Pass, you can reserve 1 FREE Night Skiing ticket at Echo Mountain on a Wednesday or Thursday in April. All you need to do is fill out the below form and then follow the link to book your free ticket. When you arrive at the mountain show your valid Colorado Season Pass at the ticket window and we'll give you a free night lift ticket!

Free, no commitment, and you don’t even have to stay the whole night if you don’t want to 😉. Talk about no strings attached!

We want to share how special Echo is with as many people as we can and nothing beats FREE Spring night skiing.

Be sure to check out our Trail Map & Conditions page and read through the site to learn more about who we are. If you're expecting us to be one of the Big Guys, you're going to end up disappointed. If you're looking for a little fun on the side, we just might be a good fit!

If things go well- you like us, we like you, we can make it a more serious thing. We'll have 2023-24 Night and Midweek Season Passes for sale. If you buy a 2023-24 season pass before the end of the season you can use it until we close on April 16th! Just 10% of your Big Guy pass can get you a whole lot more than 10% more days on the mountain.