Ho ho ho! Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah from Echo!

This is one of our favorite times of the year! Friends, family, food, and snow. It’s a great opportunity to do a little skiing, snowboarding or tubing, or it can be a much needed reprieve from your crazy Uncle John. Whether you’re packing in the activities this holiday break, or just looking for an excuse to get out of the house, Echo’s a great spot for a little taste of some of what Colorado has to offer.

Whatever you’re looking for this holiday season, below is some important info for you to plan your trip and make it go as smoothly as possible.


Skiing and Snowboarding: Yes, usually! Booking online at least 24 hours in advance also allows you to see how many available slots are left. This can also give you an idea of how busy that day will be. However, all Rentals are first come, first serve. Plan ahead if you're arriving early in the day or later in the evening and you're going to rent equipment or clothing from us. More on rentals below.

Tubing: Yes! Check our website for availability. We do sell out so even if it looks like there's a lot of capacity on the day you're planning to visit, we recommend booking in advance to make sure you get the time you want. Check out our website for more details.


Our parking lots fill up on busy days. We always recommend carpooling, either with your own vehicle or with a Getaround. Below are some details on commonly chosen transportation, but the most important thing is make sure you have a plan and set up rides BEFOREgetting to Echo.

The local shuttle Need A Ride has options to schedule rides to and from. They know the roads and Echo well!

Renting a car can be a great solution, but make sure you know what you're renting. Not all rental cars are created equally and we always recommend vehicles with 4WD or AWD when driving in the mountains in winter. Following the law would also keep you from getting ticketed or towed.

Rideshares like Uber or Lyft are super convenient for dropping guests off, however, they are NOT good about return trips down the mountain. If this is an option you're considering, make sure you schedule a ride home BEFORE you arrive at Echo. Uber and Lyft both offer scheduling rides days in advance.


As we mentioned, buying a ticket online will ensure you get the best rate each day and should expedite things at the Front Desk.


Rental equipment is first come, first serve. Renting on-site is the most convenient way to get the gear you need, but that's assuming it's available! We will sell out of clothing and some equipment on busy days. Plan to arrive earlier in the morning or later in the evening for your best bet on gear being available.

The process is also very personalized and can take some time, especially if you've never worn ski or snowboard boots and equipment. Gearing up takes some work!

If you want to skip the wait, check out our friends at Boone Mountain Sports or rent somewhere in town before heading up! This could save you up to 2 hours of waiting for equipment.


Echo's terrain is mostly intermediate. We have a little Beginner and a little Expert terrain, but most of our terrain is somewhere in the middle. That said, skiing and snowboarding are very difficult. Most of our terrain is considered more advanced... meaning, it takes practice! Come in with the right expectations and bring the right attitude, and you'll have a great time!

We groom every morning to ensure the snow is nice and soft when you get out there. Be sure to check nearby weather stations for forecasts to know what to expect for the day of your visit.


We don't offer traditional lessons, but we do recognize some folks want or need a little help now and then. That's why we created Echo Mountain Ambassadors. They're friendly employees hanging out in the beginner area to give pointers, tips, and suggestions on how to get you moving towards the next level. If a lesson is what you seek, they aren't a replacement for that, but if you want to give it a shot and progress at your own pace, they may just be the perfect combination of encouragement and advice.

Like we said above - the right attitude goes a long way!


Our restaurant is no ordinary ski area cafeteria, we make everything fresh to order. Here are some of our food and drinks, we recommend the Echo Burger and our amazing waffle fries.

You’re welcome to bring some snacks, but leave the microwave and crock pot at home. Also, no outside alcohol is allowed anywhere on property.


As we had mentioned, no outside alcohol. We have a great selection of beers on tap and a variety of drinks to help you celebrate your day on the mountain.

If you want to smoke a cigarette, head to the parking lot. If you're looking to smoke something else, please wait until you're back home safely for the night.


Coming with the whole family or have a planned group outing with friends? Awesome! It can be a challenge to corral everyone and get them moving in the same direction. When you're skiing or snowboarding, it is a good idea to split up into 4s and 5s for things like tickets and rentals. It also might take a few extra minutes if everyone goes to eat at the same time. While we love welcoming large parties, we just want you to know big groups can take a bit longer.


Though we strongly suggest booking reservations in advance online, we don’t recommend making your purchase if you aren’t 100% committed. If you think your plans may change, if you aren’t sure about the terrain, what day or time to visit don’t make your purchase! We also offer walk up lift tickets if you would like to come and check us out in person first.

When we see a reservation or purchase come through, we plan and get ready to give you the best experience we can. Specifically in the case of tubing reservations, we don't sell your spot to anyone else. So if plans change, you decide not to come, you want to reschedule, or cancel at the last minute, or any other reason, that pretty much means other customers are also going to miss out.

In turn, we are not able to issue refunds. We want you to be able to plan for us and us for you. Only after you've decided to spend your day or evening with us, make your purchase. We'll be waiting for you!


If you have any questions, check out our FAQ and other web pages for more info and our contact information.

See you on the mountain!