We're not gonna waste your time telling you how expensive season passes in CO can be. You know. We know. Our wallets know.

Enter Echo's Night Season Pass. At just $99, this pass gets you night-time access to Echo Mountain - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4:30pm - 9pm. With Echo located only 36 miles from downtown Denver, you can be out of work and halfway through your first run less than an hour after the clock strikes four.

But, instead of telling you how awesomely inexpensive and convenient our night skiing season pass is, we've decided to talk about what you can do with ALL the extra money you'll save by choosing Echo this season.

Cost of an Echo Night Skiing Season Pass: $99

Cost of an Average Season Pass: $500*

*This is more-or-less a generic number that we pulled out of thin air, not a mathematically proven average.
Just a pretty number we thought sounded good. DON'T COME AT US!

YOU SAVE: $401.00

W H I C H M E A N S...

10) 44 Netflix Subscriptions for that ever-growing list of "friends" that use your login and screw up your "recommended" section on the app.

9) 33 Echo Mountain Cheese Steaks at Brothers' Grille (each of which come with an order of life-changing fries, duh). Need we say more?

8) 11 (and a Solid 3/4) Full Tanks of Gas in your mid(ish) sized vehicle. You gas guzzlers will have to do your own math, but this is a good start. If you can't compute, we'll keep it simple: It's a lot of trips up the mountain.

7) 26 Tickets to the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo taking place October 25th - October 27th. They're $15 a ticket. Your favorite local mountain will be there. You should probably be there too. Find out more, here!

6) 61 Orders of Avocado Toast (give or take) at Dandelion's Cafe in Evergreen, Colorado. Because no matter how many sarcastic jokes there are about millenials loving it, Avocado Toast is just d*** good - and so is the menu at Dandelion's.

5) Another 4 Night Skiing or Mid-Week Season Passes at Echo Mountain. You know what makes a great (Circle One) Birthday/Anniversary/Congrats/SorryIForgotToPickYouUpFromTheAirport gift? A season pass to Denver's closest, most affordable ski destination. #ShamelessSelfPlug

4) 13 VIP Tickets for Distillery Tours at Bouck Brother's Distilling. All you need is 12 friends (money can't buy friends, though - FYI).

3) NOT JUST ONE DOG, BUT FOUR DOGS at Charlie's Place - the Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter. Why are you still here?? WE SAID FOUR DOGS!

2) Roughly 2 Average-to-Good Quality Snow Tires for safe, secure mountain travel. We love safety and security - and we love when people aren't stranded in our parking lot. So, it's a win win!

1) LITERALLY FOUR HUNDRED (AND ONE) DOLLARS IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. There's no time like the present. We're not here to give you financial advice but we're not NOT here to give you financial advice either (it's called customer service), and starting a nice savings account with a modest APY is a great way to bolster your financial wellness. You're welcome. *

*We are not your financial adviser and have not considered your personal situation as your fiduciary. This information is meant for humor and education purposes only.