Come soak up the last few turns of the season by TURNING BACK THE CLOCK at Echo Mountain. As Doc Brown would say, "Where we're going, we don't need roads - just runs."

Grab your jean jackets, your scrunchies, and your bell bottoms, because Echo is about to blast to the past on our last day of the season: this Sunday, April 14th! Join us for Retro Ski Day - and don all your totally groovy, NEVER out-of-style, gear. We'll be blasting eighties tunes on the speakers, equip you with all the props needed to take the perfect retro-inspired selfie (even if selfies weren't a thing then), and have specials on cocktails and drinks that will have you feeling all types of decades. Retro is the new black... or something like that.

Obviously, we can't let you leave empty handed. The guest who earns "best outfit" during our retro ski day will win a free three pack of lift tickets for next season!

In celebration of all that's to come in our future, we OF COURSE have to celebrate the past. So, here are some photos of Echo in it's hay day as Squaw Pass Ski Area - courtesy of the resort's founder and previous owner, John Creighton!

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