Tuesday March 19th Update: We will be CLOSED on Tuesday, March 19th. The road still isn't in a spot where we can open. Waiting for more progress from CDOT. We'll keep you all posted.

Monday March 18th Update: We will be CLOSED on Monday, March 18th. Unfortunately, our road isn't in good enough condition for us to open, but we are optimistic that Monday will be the last day we are closed. CDOT is making a lot of progress and it's looking promising that things will be cleaned up enough by EOD tomorrow for us to open Tuesday. Our team has put a ton of work in, and we are ready to go on our end, but we need to keep cars off the road as CDOT finishes up their operations. We're itching to open the gates and appreciate everyone's support during these crazy last few days. We'll see you all soon!

Sunday March 17th Update: We will be CLOSED on Sunday, March 17th. We've been in contact with CDOT and Clear Creek County and more work is needed on CO-103 to provide safe access to Echo. With that, we will be shut down all day to keep the road clear and allow them to work without traffic trying to come up the pass. If you have a reservation for Sunday, March 17th you will be fully refunded. No need to reach out to start that process, our team is on it!

Saturday March 16th - 12:00 PM Update: We are officially CLOSED for the day - Saturday March 16th, this includes night skiing. We're bummed to make this announcement, but have a few positive pieces of news to share. We were able to get more employees to Echo this morning and we've made a ton of progress on site. The team has been working their tails off shoveling, plowing and getting Echo to a spot where we can operate once we have proper road access. The other piece of positive news is that we should have an update from our public agency partners on road access and plans moving forward by the end of the day.

The bad news - There is a chance our public agency partners get back to us and say we are 2+ days out before we have proper road access. CO-103 still needs a lot of work. Currently, access is incredibly narrow and there is no way we can responsibly put our employees and hundreds of guests on the road in its current condition. We don't know what the timeline for road access is going to look like, but we will make sure to keep everyone updated as we learn more.

Again, we truly appreciate everyone's support and understanding as we've been working through this massive amount of snow. We can't wait to get the gates back open but want to make sure we are doing it safely and responsibly.

Saturday March 16th - 7:30 AM Update: We are delaying opening indefinitely until roads improve. CO-103 still needs a lot of work and we want to minimize the number of cars trying to access the road until it is in better condition. Please DO NOT drive up to Echo this morning until you hear from us. CDOT just needs more time to work. If you drive up before we announce that we are reopening, you will be turned around before making it to Echo!

Friday March 15th - 10:30 PM Update: Delayed opening Saturday, March 16th. Our team was able to accomplish a ton today but opening will be contingent on the progress our overnight crew makes and road conditions / closures. CDOT still has their hands full with CO-103 and we can't in good conscience add traffic to the road before it is ready. Stranded vehicles, accidents and more bring progress to a halt so please don't drive up until we make an announcement. Stay tuned for updates first thing in the morning as we learn more!

Friday March 15th - 9:00 AM Update: We are CLOSED for the day - Friday, March 15th. This includes night skiing. Our team is still working to access Echo and start snow removal. CO-103 is closed from the east side while the county begins plowing from the west. Our friends at CDOT and Clear Creek County have their hands full with these road conditions and we do not want to add hundreds of cars to the road by rushing to open. We also have several hours of work to do on our side before we can open our gates to the public. We will be in touch with guests who have reservations for today and will continue to provide updates as the day develops.

Friday March 15th - 7:00 AM Update: Our team has been working since the early hours of the morning to gain access to Echo and begin the snow removal process. Once we get up there, we will have several hours of work to clear our parking lots, make our buildings accessible, and prepare the mountain for skiing/snowboarding. All operations for Friday, March 15th are TBD, but we know we won't be opening this AM. Please DO NOT attempt to drive to Echo until you hear from us about our plan moving forward. Access along CO-103 is incredibly difficult and more stuck cars = longer delays in plowing and clearing the road. This storm has been one for the books and we can't wait to get Echo back open and share it with you all, but for now we need time to do the work and make that happen! Stay safe and don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

Thursday, March 14th - 8:00 PM Update: We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we work through this massive amount of snow that continues to fall. We've received 40"+ in the last 36 hours and our operations team is working to gain access to Echo to start snow removal. Hazardous road conditions and stuck vehicles along CO-103 prevented our team members from reaching Echo today, but we will continue efforts tomorrow and provide updates as we know more. Please DO NOT attempt to drive up to Echo tomorrow AM. As of now, operations for Friday, March 15th are TBD. If you have reservations for tomorrow, we will be in contact via email. Please feel free to reach out with any questions via email (info@echomtn.com) or social media.

Thursday, March 14th - 8:30 AM Update: We are CLOSED today due to extreme weather and worsening road conditons. Keep an eye out for updates for Friday, March 15th as we know more!

Thursday, March 14th - 7:15 AM Update: Opening is DELAYED indefinitely due to I-70 closures and developing road conditions. Keep an eye on your email, social media and our website for updates as we know more this AM!

Echo Faithful!

Many of you have been tracking this storm as it's made it's way in and have asked about our operations plan. Now that it's here and we have a little more data on what's probable and what's possible, I want to share a quick summary to give you some insight into the exciting and challenging couple days ahead.

Overall, we could see anywhere from 2' - 4' (yes, feet) over the next 36 hours or so. Here is a rough timeline of some possible Snow Totals :

  • Tonight, Wed 3/13 By Close @ 9:00 pm: ~8-10"
  • Tomorrow, Thurs. 3/14:
    • 10:00 am: ~27-29"
    • 4:00 pm: ~33-35"
    • 9:00 pm: ~37-39"
  • Fri. 3/15 10:00 am: ~41-43"
  • In addition, the forecast calls for winds of 8-15 mph and gusts up to 30 mph over the next couple days.
    • This could pose a significant challenge aside from the total snow received.

As you can imagine, this may mean impacts to operations- more below.

Road Conditions
This much snow in a short period of time can be particularly challenging for us because of access in and out. Our goal is to always operate as normally as possible, but we have to take a number of factors into consideration on any given day. Our biggest consideration is always Safety. In traveling to and from Echo, both employees and guests must be able to arrive and depart safely without serious risk of getting stuck or stranded on their way in and out, particularly in areas where there is no cell service or quickly available rescue (such as along Mestaa'ėhehe Pass to us).

We will be closely and continuously monitoring Mestaa'ėhehe Pass Rd., CO-103, I-70, Hwy. 74, Hwy 73, Parmalee Gulch Rd., Hwy 285, and more. Our friends at CDOT, Jefferson County and Clear Creek County are geared up and battle ready. However, this will be a challenging storm for all, and that may mean very difficult road conditions, temporary or extended road closures, and more.

At Echo and on the mountain, we fortunately don't have avalanche terrain to worry about, but with too much snow, our slopes can actually be too mellow to make your way up and down efficiently. Tree wells and other areas of deep or drifted snow can pose the risk of snow suffocation. Properly staffing the mountain, the ability to get EMS in and out safely and efficiently, and more are also a big part of the equation.

Tentative Operating Plan

Tonight, Wednesday Night:

  • As of right now at 2:00 pm, we plan to operate until close at 9:00 pm tonight, however, that is subject to change as road conditions around us change- namely on CO-103, Mestaa'ėhehe Pass Rd., and I-70.
    • The Hot Laps Special will attempt to run until 9:00 pm.
    • The Yard Sale Conveyor lift will be closed for night skiing tonight 3/13.
    • Rentals will be limited.
    • Brothers' Grille will be open.
    • Tubing will be closed until Friday.
  • Vehicles with more than 6" of ground clearance are highly recommended if you plan to visit us tonight.
  • As road conditions change through tonight, we will not hesitate to ask those with ill-equipped vehicles (low clearance, 2WD, etc.) to make their way down the mountain, or possibly even close early and force everyone to leave.
  • Standby for any updates or changes as the day progresses.

Tomorrow, Thursday:

  • Delayed Opening until 12:00 pm with possible further operational impacts.
    • Check the website, our social media, and your email for updates all morning long
    • We will post an update at 10:00 am as to whether or not we can open at noon.
  • JeffCo, CCC, and CDOT will be working to clean up Mestaa'ėhehe Pass and CO-103, however, we anticipate that the roads will not be accessible early enough for us to open on time.
  • If we're able to operate, the plan would be tentatively:
    • Advanced & Expert Skiing and Snowboarding Only
    • No beginner terrain
    • No tubing
    • Limited Rentals
    • Brothers' Grille will be open
    • Vehicles with +6" of ground clearance and 4WD Likely Required
  • Again, this is subject to change so don't show up here at 12:00 pm unless we've confirmed 100% we are opening.

Friday, 3/15:

  • Dependent on the extent of operations on 3/14 and how much snow falls overnight Thursday night, we may have operational impacts again on Friday.
  • A Delayed Opening is possible, if not probable, again dependent on road conditions.
  • More details to come here as we get closer!

Reschedule & Refund Requests

  • If your vehicle is not equipped to get here tonight, tomorrow or Friday or you are a beginner skier or snowboarder, please submit your reschedule or refund request here.
  • We will work with you given the extenuating circumstances, however, requests will not be granted if submitted after the date of your reservation.

Thanks for all the love, stoke and support! Stay safe the next few days and get ready for some all-time conditions!

Fred Klaas
General Manager