Echo Friends & Family,

Though I imagine it's no shock, it's still incredibly disappointing. Echo Mountain is officially closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 Season and will not reopen. Given the recommendations and restrictions the last few days from Governor Polis, the CDC, and CDPHE, reopening this season isn't practical or maybe even possible.

Though the season has been coming to a close regardless, this abrupt end is definitely not what any of us wanted. That said, we can't help but be thankful this hit mid-March and not earlier. We were still able to have an awesome, mostly complete season of skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. We operated over 100 days and more than 50 nights, and Mother Nature hooked us up with some of the best snow we've had over the last four seasons. We also welcomed more of you this season than we ever have before and couldn't be more stoked to have so many people supporting our dream.

We are incredibly grateful for your love and support this season and our past three seasons. We absolutely would not be here without you. It hasn't always been the smoothest, and it appears the runs ahead may have some moguls and jumps, but we plan to keep skiing with full confidence and stick the landing. Times like this remind us of how thankful we are for all of you. We cannot wait to see you again next winter.

It appears that many of you have been asking the same questions about us that we have about you, namely, "what can we do to be helpful?" For that, we're grateful and our only answer is that we hope to see you again next winter!

For you all, we get that when times become uncertain, purse strings tighten and wallets clam up. And we get that even though you bought your pass a long time ago, many of you still wanted to get a little more bang for your buck. So here's what we're doing to try to be helpful to our beloved guests:

Online Day Ticket & Tubing Reservation Purchases:

All transactions from March 15th (the day we closed) through to the end of the season have been refunded. We have contacted everyone at the email address provided during check out, but in case you haven't seen our message, check your spam folder and keep an eye on your credit card statement.

3-Day Pass Purchases:

We get that many of you spread those three days out throughout the season and still might have one or two left. Since using those days is no longer possible this season, we will be honoring any remaining days on your 2019-2020 3-Day Pass through the 2020-2021 Season.

Season Passholders:

We've seen a lot of you here over the last few months making the best of your Season Pass, whether that be the Unlimited, Night or Midweek Pass. That said, we know many of you were planning to get a few more days and nights in over the next couple of weeks. Even though we planned to close daily operations on March 29th (operating the following two weekends only), we want to do a few things.

1. If possible sometime this off-season, we plan to have y'all up here for a Passholder Appreciation Day to celebrate the season we had, get the community out of the house and back together, and toast to the season ahead. Details are entirely TBD at this point given the current state of things, but we'd love to make this happen if and when it's possible.

2. For those of you that would like to purchase a 2020-2021 Season Pass with us again next year, we will be offering a discount on renewal pass purchases for next season. Pass options and pricing will be announced in the next couple of months as we plan to kick off pass sales again this summer. More details to come.

3. For those that bought a 2019-2020 Season Pass but aren't so sure you want or will be able to come back next year, we see you too. We get that your season may have been cut short by a couple of weeks so we're going to honor your 2019-2020 Season Pass through 12/13/2020, for what we hope to be the first couple weeks of next season. Hopefully, you'll be able to join us and get a few more runs in.

Uphill Access

The mountain is not open for uphill access and will remain closed to the public. With the current restrictions on groups, we will be doing a slow mountain operations shut down with fewer hands over the next few weeks and perhaps longer. As such, we'll have equipment and operations taking place so uphill access is not available. Echo Mountain is on posted private property, so please respect the closure. There is some excellent terrain nearby on Mt. Evans, Jones Pass, and more. Also, Colorado Ski Country USA has pulled together a great list of Spring Uphill Access policies for many of Colorado's ski areas. Check it out here.


We love hearing from you, whether it's with questions, comments, or feedback. Don't be shy! Feel free to email us at

We also may be emailing surveys out to everyone looking for insight and input for us to keep evolving and growing. We'd love it if you take a few minutes to help us out with that! Seems like we all suddenly have a lot of time to try and hit the elusive "Inbox Zero."

Thanks again for an awesome 2019-2020 and we'll see you in a few short months!