Our Top 5 Favorite “Snowperstitions”

It’s been an uncharacteristically warm and dry start to the winter here in Colorado. After an incredible snow-filled spring earlier this year, we have been hoping for similar results heading into winter. Unfortunately, Mother Nature seems to have other plans and throughout November we’ve regularly seen temperatures in the 50s, 60s, and even 70s with very little snow. We know everyone is itching to get back on the mountain so they can enjoy the snow (whenever it plans on showing up), and we are doing our best to make that happen!

To give you an idea of how unusual the start to this season has been, Denver is on the verge of the latest snowfall in recorded history (that’s since 1882!). Currently, it's competing with the Dust Bowl of 1934, which saw the latest snowfall in Denver history on November 21st. Drawing comparisons to the Dust Bowl was not how we planned on starting the season, but unfortunately, some things are out of our control and Mother Nature is one of them.

Our snowmaking team is working around the clock, battling extremely mild temps and windy nights, to do everything they can to get ready for the season. While they’re outside tirelessly working, we wanted to think of some ways we could help with the snowmaking process.

Here are a few of our favorite “snowperstitions” that we found while trying to summon the first big snowstorm of the year… or at least some colder temperatures.

Top-5 “Snowperstitions”

  1. Wear your pajamas backward and inside out (where my Kris Kross fans at?!)

  2. Leave a spoon or a white crayon - depending on who you ask (Looking at you, Ullr Provides) in the freezer overnight

  3. Flush ice cubes down the toilet (one cube per one inch of snow)

  4. Mismatch your socks

  5. Leave a stack of coins on every windowsill

    We have everyone walking around the lodge with our PJs on backward, mismatching socks, and flushing ice cubes down the toilets while the snowmaking team does everything they can to keep making snow. Everyone’s gotta do their part, right?

    Regardless of the weather, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the mountain this year.

    Tubing will open on November 26th as planned, but skiing and snowboarding are still TBD.

    In the meantime let us know your favorite “snowperstitions” and we’ll add those to our morning to-do list!