When is your Opening Day?

Our Ski & Snowboard Open Day is typically the towards the end of November or the beginning of December each year. This is weather dependent and can shift depending on how generous Mother Nature is feeling with the cold temperatures and snow!

Night skiing usually opens around mid-December!

What are your hours?

Our normal hours are Monday and Tuesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Check out our complete hours information for details.

Are reservations required for Tubing?

Yes, online advance tubing reservations are required! If you don't have a reservation we can't guarantee your spot, or that we'll even be operating the tubing hill at that time. Plus, when you reserve online you guarantee yourself the best price available!

Are reservations required for Skiing & Snowboarding Lift Tickets?

Yes, online lift ticket purchases are required. This guarantees you get the best price available and ensures you're able to visit on the date you desire.

Why can't I buy a lift ticket online for today? Are you sold out?

Tickets must be purchased online by midnight the night before your visit. Same day and on-site tickets are possible when we have availability, but that is never guaranteed. If you arrive without a reservation, there is a possibility that you will be turned around if we are at capacity. So make sure to book those reservations ahead of time!

How much is a Lift Ticket?

Online Adult Lift Tickets are between $59 - $77 and Online Child Lift Tickets are $40-$50, good from open to close (view our hours here).

Onsite tickets cost slightly more so make sure you book online ahead of time!

Are reservations required for Skiing & Snowboarding Season Passholders?

If you are a Season Passholder you do not need to make a lift ticket reservation! Just show up and enjoy the snow!

How much are Season Passes?

2023-2024 Season Pass prices are in the works! Keep an eye on your email inbox and social media for updates.

Can I buy a multi-day ticket pack and use it with friends on the same day?

No, multi-day products sold online and at Echo are non-transferable meaning they are for use by 1 person on different days throughout the season. They are not for use by multiple people or multiple tickets on the same day. Be conscious of blackout dates. More details available here.

Can I get a group rate?

If you have a group of 20+ friends and family, we can certainly talk about it! We do not typically offer group rates on skiing and snowboarding, however, reach out to us at groups@echomntn.com for information on pricing and availability!

Are you open for Night Skiing?

When open, Night Skiing is offered Wednesday through Saturday from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Online passes are $35 for Adults and $20 for Children.

If you plan to join us for night skiing, please know that night skiing is mostly intermediate terrain. The beginner area is typically not open and the trails that are open are Blue Squares which will be a step up in difficulty for newer skiers and snowboarders.

Do you have a Night Skiing or Half Day Ticket?

Our night skiing passes are our half-day tickets. We do not offer half-day pricing for morning hours. However, your Day Pass is good until close each day!

Are reservations required for Rentals?


Rentals may have limited availability so if you're not able to rent via our website, we are most likely sold out for that day. If that is the case, stop by and see our friends at Boone Mountain Sports before heading up the mountain. You can rent all your gear in advance, and return it on your way back to town.

Just a heads up, Echo Rental Packages are valid from open until 5:00 pm each day and are not available at night!

Is Echo good for beginners?

No! Yes! Maybe! It depends... A lot of first timers and beginners have had a great time at Echo and post about it online in reviews and on social media. That said, we like to err on the side of caution and tell people that we are a mostly intermediate mountain. We understand that while our terrain is great for some, it is not great for all.

The Yard Sale beginner area is a great place to learn to stop, turn and get your basics down. Beyond that, the transition to the rest of the mountain can be really challenging. Some guests take to it no problem, others struggle and can't make the jump.

We get it. We try our best to educate guests about who we are and what we offer here on the website and through every step of the process before, during and after purchase. After all, we can't be something we're not, and we have the terrain that Mother Nature made for us!

If you have suggestions on how we can better educate guests about our terrain offering, send them our way! We're always looking to improve.

Does Echo offer Lessons?

No, but Echo offers a different and new approach to learning. Echo Mountain Ambassadors are coaches who offer help when you need it. Think of them as an "in-person YouTube video." You can find them all over the beginner area and occasionally throughout the mountain. They offer coaching, tips, and suggestions to help you progress at your own pace. You can work with an Ambassador on your own or with your friends and family. There’s always one or two close by, and they’re always there to help.

Learn more about the Echo Mountain Ambassadors.

How do I get there?

There are two routes we recommend for getting to Echo Mountain:

Option 1 (Recommended if coming from Denver / Front Range):

From Denver or the Front Range, take I-70 west towards Evergreen.

Take Exit 252 - CO-74 towards Evergreen Pkwy. heading south.

Take a right on CO-103 (aka Squaw Pass Road) and head west towards Mt. Evans for 12 miles.

On the right, at the end of our driveway is a big white and green sign that says, "Echo Mountain."

Head down the driveway and stay to the right (lower parking lot) for skiing and snowboarding, or left (upper parking lot) for tubing.

Option 2 (Best if coming from the west or from Idaho Springs):

From Idaho Springs Exit 240 - CO-103, head south on CO-103 for 20 miles past Echo Lake and Mt. Evans.

On the left, at the end of our driveway is a big white and green sign that says, "Echo Mountain."

Head down the driveway and stay to the right (lower parking lot) for skiing and snowboarding, or left (upper parking lot) for tubing.

Learn more about getting to Echo Mountain safely.

What are the roads like on the way up to Echo?

It depends on the day! Like any winter driving in Colorado, the roads can be snow covered, icy, and slow, or they could be clear, dry and you don't even think about them. Either way, make sure you check out our Getting Here page and particularly the sections titled Driving Safety and Rental Cars to know what to expect. Oh yea, and to make sure you're following the law and don't end up with a ticket, or worse, in an accident!

Where should I stay?

There are a lot of great places to stay in the Denver metro area. To be close to Echo Mountain, we recommend Origin Red Rocks, who is offering our guests a $99/night room rate! Get your discount code after making your online purchase with us.

Is there a shuttle?

Our partners over at Ride Experiences take care of a lot of our guests! You can learn more about the shuttles and our recommendations for getting up the mountain, here!

We do not recommend using Uber or Lyft to get to Echo, you will have difficulty getting a ride back down the mountain. If you plan to use Uber or Lyft to get to the mountain make sure that you have a ride home planned. If you plan to use Uber or Lyft to get home, there is a chance that they will not drive up the mountain and will leave you stranded here.

What should I know about clothing and equipment?

What comes with a Ski Package?

Skis, boots, poles, and a helmet. Packages are $45 for Adults and $35 for Children.

What comes with a Snowboard Package?

Snowboard, boots, and a helmet. Packages are $45 for Adults and $35 for Children.

I forgot my [skis/snowboard, boots, poles, helmet] can I rent just [skis/snowboard, boots, poles, helmet]?

Yes, each piece of equipment may be rented individually.

Do you rent jackets?

Yes, for adults and kids!

Do you rent pants?

Yes, for adults and kids!

Do you rent goggles?

No, but we offer goggles for purchase at the Ticket Window.

Do you rent gloves?

No, but we sell gloves for $20 at the front desk!

For more information on clothing and equipment, check out our rentals page.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

While not required, wearing a helmet is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! For your safety and the safety of others, it is best to wear a helmet, regardless of your speed or ability level.

For more information, check out our safety guidelines.

Can I go sledding?

Yes and no. No, sledding or sliding down the mountain is not allowed. However, we'd love for you to enjoy our tubing area and slide to your heart’s content there! Tubes provided! Learn more here!

Can I uphill (ski/snowboarding skinning, etc.)? Can I use a ski bike?

Not right now. It's highly dependent on snow fall and mountain ops. We typically begin offering these additional ways to access the mountain mid- to late-season. You MUST read through our policies before visiting. You can do that, here, where we will also indicate if and when these options are available. To get the most up-to-date information, subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Can I ride the lift if I don't ski or snowboard?

No, all guests riding the lift must be skiing or snowboarding and have their equipment on. We know that for many of our guests, one of their objectives is to ride the lift. And we get it, it's pretty cool! However, not everyone will be skilled enough to get there, much less be able to ski or snowboard on and off. We don't want anyone putting themselves in a dangerous situation just to ride the lift. Make sure you have your turning, stopping and control down before venturing down the mountain, and, make sure you're able to ski and snowboard to the lift, on and off it, then back down to the Lodge.

Do you have a somewhere we can get some food and drinks?

Yes! We have a great restaurant and bar called Brothers' Grille that serves a variety of great offerings. Check out more about it here.

What's your policy on Outside Food & Beverage? Can I bring a Crock Pot or Microwave?

Bringing individual snacks and beverages for personal consumption in the Lodge is allowed. However, no outside F&B is allowed in Brothers' Grille. Crockpots or other large serving containers are not allowed. No microwaves are allowed or available for guests.

Can I reserve space in the Lodge?

It depends! Reach out to us at groups@echomtn.com for details on hosting private events and reserving space. As a heads up, our space is pretty limited so while we're open to the public, we don't often allow people to reserve private space in the Lodge or restaurant.

I'm going to coordinate and host my own event. What happens if I decide I want to throw my own event, say a birthday party, without coordinating through Echo?

All unsanctioned events, such as birthday parties, that violate our Outside F&B policy or attempt to reserve space in the Lodge will be charged an automatic $500 fee. Reach out to us at groups@echomtn.com to coordinate a private event!

What’s your drone policy?

No drones allowed. Echo Mountain prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerials systems, or drones, by commercial and recreational users and hobbyists, without prior written authorization from Echo Mountain.

What’s your policy on dogs/pets?

No dogs, no pets. As much as we’d love to invite our furry friends to join us on the mountain, we cannot allow outside pets for the safety of all our guests and the protection of your pooch.

However, if you need to get your puppy fix, you’re welcome to say hello to our official Dir. of Ski Paw-trol: Bernard. You may see his friendly, furry face, or hear him barking orders, around the mountain from time to time.

What is your Closing Day?

Each year, we aim for a mid-April closing date - but that is largely dependent on weather conditions (and mother nature, of course).

For the 2023-2024 Season we closed daily operations on April 14th.

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